6 Rookie Errors to Avoid When Selling Your Home:



  1. Not letting enough people know your property is for sale


In order to achieve maximum sale price it is essential to attract as many buyers as possible. One of the biggest mistakes is not shouting it from the rooftops. We have seen many properties in the local area that have been under-sold from a figure they could have achieved.

That’s why at Purple Cow Real Estate, we provide a detailed and individual marketing strategy tailored to your home so that your property is presented to all areas of buyer enquiry. Including; relevant upgaded listings on websites, tailored social media campaigns, professional photos and floorplans to maximise buyer enquiry.


  1. Not allowing the agent to weed out time wasters


For most buyers the purchase of a real estate is the largest financial transaction they do in their lifetime. Buyers only do it two to four times in that lifetime, so they are often are extremely nervous and cautious. The harder a seller comes across the more difficult it becomes to negotiate a better outcome for the seller.

As a Real Estate professional, let us do the work for you, after all, that’s what you’re paying us for.


  1. Asking for too much money


When people are in the market for buying a house they become experts and they will know immediately if you’ve over-priced your home. For 2 or 3 months that buyers are in the marketplace they become the best valuers there are for that period of time.

Asking beyond a reasonable price will cause many potential buyers to not even call to inspect and so potential buyers are lost because the asking price is a turn off. The last thing you want to be doing is having your property sit on the market for a long period of time as that will generally invite low offers as buyers may start to think you’re becoming desperate to sell.

At Purple Cow Real Estate we make sure that your home is priced correctly to create enough demand that sometimes helps achieve multiple offers which can lead to record prices.


  1. Not tidying up


Not only do you need to give your house a thorough clean, you should also remove personal items that make the house look like it belongs to someone else. This means family photos should be removed from the walls, shopping lists should be taken down from the fridge and any personal items should be stored away neatly in the cupboards.

It’s obviously not practical to totally empty your home, but a potential buyer needs to be able to imagine your home as their home and they won’t be able to do that if the walls are covered with pictures of people they don’t know. It’s a very powerful psychological trick that’s definitely worth the trouble.

We can certainly offer advice that will psychologically help appeal to the buyers requirements and their subconscious to achieve the highest possible price in the quickest time possible.


  1. Spending too much money on pre-sale renovations


Another rookie error is spending far too much money on sale specific renovations. While it is certainly good practice to patch any holes in the walls and make minor fixes to the property, it’s not always a good idea to spend thousands of dollars on a major renovation that you may never get a return on.

There is usually practical and somewhat inexpensive work that can be done to add to the overall presentation of a home when presenting it to a market. A coat of re-carpeting can make a big difference but be wary of extensive upgrades.

Speak to one of our experienced listing agents to find out what will give you the best return on investment. We will also honestly tell you what other improvements you can do to make your home saleable.


  1. Not thinking outside the box with marketing


Traditional marketing is still essential but digital marketing including social media sharing, submitting your home to any relevant websites and even creating a digital tour of your home for potential interstate and international buyers, we are finding are providing more and more reach for buyers at a cost effective rate.

There are active buyers who are constantly looking in the market for properties to buy and a normal marketing campaign can easily find these buyers, however, these buyers are often the most informed and knowledgeable buyers and can be the most difficult to negotiate with.

Another type of buyer and that is the passive buyer or the inactive buyer, they’re not even looking to buy and therefore it is the job of a good marketing agent to know where to go to find these buyers.

At Purple Cow Real Estate, we are experts in digital marketing, providing us a unique advantage with targeting all types of both active and inactive buyers that are either; local, interstate or even international purchasers.