Emergency Contacts

All general maintenance must be reported to our office in writing (email) but in the event of an out of hours emergency, please contact the following nominated tradespersons. Please ensure that the repair is a genuine emergency. 

Should any repair prove to be from neglect or misuse of any items or lack of maintenance by you or other persons known to you then this costs will be incurred by you. Should an emergency call out be made and this later to be found not to be an emergency then the cost of this callout will be passed onto you.


Plumbing   Brad Mulford Plumbing:  0420 337 848
Electrical  Hawke Electrical:  0424 243 312
Locksmiths:  Shain's Local Locksmiths  0425 837 511
State Emergency Services:  (Flood and Storm Damage)  132 500


General maintenance, maintenance procedure:

Please email our office and we will put your request to the owner for approval, once approval has been received, we then place a "work order" with the appropriate tradesperson to carry out the repair. The tradesperson will contact you to arrange access to the property.  Please note that if an appointment has been made to meet the tradesperson at the property and you fail to turn up, you may be liable for their call out fee.