So you have made one of the biggest decisions of your life to become a property investor!

Or maybe you have become an accidental Investor and have had to move out of your home.

Regardless of how it happened, we all want the same result!

To find the most appropriate tenant in the fastest period of time?

When it comes to finding you a suitable tenant, it’s essential to place a clear focus on professional marketing. There are a large number of ways in which this can be achieved so I have put together a few tips that will help you.



There is a saying “A picture says a thousand words”!

Photos provide a selling point for the property. It’s crucial to include a large number of high quality photos. A good photo can encourage a prospective tenant to visit the property, while a bad photo can discourage a prospective tenant from visiting.


                                               BEFORE JOINING PURPLE COW                                                                                                          AFTER JOINING PURPLE COW


                                            BEFORE JOINING PURPLE COW                                                                                                           AFTER JOINING PURPLE COW



To give your property the attention that is deserves and make sure it stands out from the crowd, you need to showcase it in the best possible way.

More than 90% of property seekers use the internet to find their dream home so you need your home to hold a premiere position to help them fall in love with yours. There are a number of common property listing sites that will generate large amounts of traffic from prospective tenants. Paying for a Premiere listing is also a very good option for attracting more of the right property seekers to your home. Approximately 50% of consumers don’t look past the first page so a premiere listing ensures your property is positioned front and centre.



Ensure that your rental agency has your property advertised for rent on their website.



The property should have a for rent sign placed at the front fence. If there is no front fence, the ideal spot is outside the front windows facing the street. Or, if the property has a front garden, you may choose to securely erect it in the front garden near the letterbox (be sure that by having it placed here that no plants will be destroyed).



If your property shows that it’s been cared for when the tenants move in, not only are you likely to get better tenants but they’re more likely to take good care of it.

Invest in professional cleaning so the property looks and smells fresh, with no or minimal signs of the previous inhabitants. This is especially important if the previous tenants had pets.

Many managing agents advise repainting walls, steam-cleaning carpets and re-polishing floorboards in between tenants. Fittings and fixtures should also be in good working order.

If your investment property has a garden, make sure it is well-presented, with grass mowed, garden beds weeded, trees pruned, paths cleared and all rubbish removed.

Upkeep of the grounds by the tenant can be part of the rental agreement, or you could arrange for an outside contractor to take care of maintenance such as lawn-mowing and keeping gutters clear of leaves. The contractor’s fee could be included in the rent or paid for by the tenant. Make sure this is clearly stated in the rental agreement.

Keep in mind that rental properties need to withstand the rigours of tenancy so it’s wise to invest in quality flooring, durable finishes and robust fittings that will last and are easy to clean.


These are just a few simple tips to help you with preparing and marketing your property for rent. If you would like to receive a FREE Property Rental Return Health Check please send me an email and I will respond to you within 24 hours.


Dana Hartley

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